All WALOA officials must comply with US Lacrosse annual certification requirements. To meet these requirements officials must complete the requisite number of hours of annual training and/or professional development. The annual requirements—which are based on an official’s certification level—are:

If you are uncertain as to your certification level, ask your primary assigner.

There are various options for completing the required number of hours, including:

Other options may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

More specific information about training options and events will be published as the 2022 season takes shape.

In addition to training and professional development, all officials are required to complete the US Lacrosse rules exams relevant to their assignments. High school officials must also complete MPSSAA and/or VHSL tests and rules interpretation clinics appropriate to their regular season assignments.


New officials may pay for their $50 training fee with the below link. All payments are processed with PayPal, encrypted, and ensured to be protected.