Bill Harvey Sportsmanship Award

Bill Harvey Sportsmanship Award presented to Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) by Washington Lacrosse Officials Association (WALOA):

  • The Organization must positively affect a community's sports culture and game environment.

  • The Organization acts clearly to demonstrate sportsmanship. WALOA defines a sportsmanship act as behavior exhibited during competition by student-athletes based on values, respect, and integrity.

  • The Organization’s displays act(s) of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette. (i.e. the field managers engaged in assisting the flow of the game, coaches respectful of the game)

  • The organization is recognized by WALOA officials as well organized (i.e. WALOA received positive feedback on reports about the organization)

Award Inductees:


  • Herndon - Reston Youth Lacrosse Club


  • Falls Church Youth Lacrosse Club


  • Southwestern Youth Association Lacrosse