Phone-A-Friend helpline as a tool for those seeking assistance.


Seven of our experienced, State-level members have offered to be a Friend to answer your questions about mechanics, game situations, handling mistakes, communicating with coaches, improving your officiating, etc. Your calls are confidential but if it’s an intriguing game situation that the entire association could grow from, please consider allowing the Friend to share the situation/results (without having to identify you) so fellow WALOA members may benefit.


You can find contact information for our helpline officials in Arbiter.

•         John (Pappy) Rupp

•         Joey Harrington

•         Mike Kleeblatt

•         Chris Adams

•         Scott Price

•         Patrick (Pat) Gallaher

•         John DiDuro


Please remember most of these officials could be working any night so they may need to call you back the following day or after a late game.