New Officials

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Been sitting in the stands thinking "I can do that". Now's your chance?


Each year, WALOA accepts a limited number of ADULT and JUNIOR officials. New ADULT officials generally have a lacrosse background OR an officiating background in another sport. JUNIOR officials are generally high school lacrosse player in their junior or senior year. All JUNIOR officials MUST have their driver's license and reliable transportation by March 1st of the upcoming season. All we ask is that you have a willingness to learn and a good attitude.


All officials being their career at the youth level officiating games from 8U through 14U. Many father/son combos enter the officiating world together covering youth games on the weekends while watching and participating in high school games during the week. Once their high school player graduates, many "dads" move to the high school level to begin the next stage of their career. "Dad Refs" as we affectionate call them sometimes have no background in the game other than what they have learned as a lacrosse parent. They often become some of our best long-term officials.


For officials looking to move up, the sky is the limit. WALOA has a rich tradition of preparing officials for the next level. This can lead to a long career at the college, pro and international level.

If you have what it takes, we'll let you know!